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My entrepreneurial spirit was birthed as a young kid.  My grandparents’ on both sides of my family owned and ran successful businesses’ that spanned three very different markets.  I was exposed to real estate development, fashion and design and agriculture.   My Mom and Dad had jobs in corporate America; yet, I was reared in being my own boos throughout my entire upbringing.  The year is 2006 and I experienced a lay off from my career in oncology research within the prominent Houston Medical Center.  I immediately went into a depression because I ad a young daughter and an teen step daughter looking to Dad to be alright.  In 2007, I incorporated my first company and never looked back.  

Success was not immediate but with very hard work I used my academic and research background coupled with a string entrepreneurial spirit and began to develop my brand.  Through 2 recessions my business was battered and bruised but not defeated.  My faith was truly tested and forged in the fire! 

After the financial crisis of 2007-2008, I was in the process of reinventing our brand once again.  It wasn’t frustrating, I just knew that we had to hop on things before my team and I would not be able to provide for my family.  I was approached by a few small businesses to find out how I was moving along in the midst of this recession.  They needed help getting their business dreams off the ground.   Six months later, I found myself teaching and coaching four other small businesses.  It was an awesome feeling and from that point till now, I have been coaching.  Necessity of the mother of all invention.  I did not seek to be a business coach; yet, God has given me a gift to teach and I am so glad for the losses and late nights.  I am very blessed for the successes.   Nonetheless, my worse loss came really hard.  I found myself in the middle of a federal investigation and conspiracy charges looming over my head.

It all came from trusting the wrong people and focusing on the deal closing and not the company I kept.   My poor decisions led me to a legal battle that I could not win and was not prepared for.  I truly lost it all this time.   I could have sold my soul and walked away from it unscaved; yet, I would have lost my soul and you can’t get that back.  I can stand before anyone today a man with a clear conscious and stronger than before.

I was trained in business academically by my family.  However, many of us were not taught the importance, strategy or magnitude of financial literacy and investing.  The more I listen to my clients and others; I realize that there is a massive knowledge gap regarding business and HOW to establish and run a sustainable business.  I knew then, that I needed to attack this market with a vengeance.   My focus and desire is to help each and every entrepreneur that I can.

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